Jailson Brito

Senior Full-Stack Software Developer

Hi, I'm a Jailson - a software developer with over 12 years of experience on web, mobile and desktop development with a focus on user experience.
I also like to play games and music!


Full-Stack Developer | Team Lead

Since April 2017     Québec, Canada

I work on the development of web applications for an healthcare platform using Agile approach which involves implementing new features, code review, writing automated tests as well as collaborating with the DevOps team fostering continuous integration.

Software Developer

1 year 4 months     Vancouver, Canada

I worked on the development of 5 web/mobile gamified apps through agile, continuous integration, code review and unit testing. I was also accountable for statistical analysis and data mining for user behavioural research. Read more.

Systems Analyst | Lead Developer

1 year 7 months      Salvador, Brazil

As the lead developer, I managed a team of 10 people, designed and developed 6 casual games published in app stores. Furthermore, I designed and prototyped 2 serious games for business education.

Project Manager | Systems Analyst

6 years     Salvador, Brazil

I founded a startup with friends, Apimenti, where I managed teams of 5 people using agile methods, designed, developed and maintained more than 50 web and mobile development projects.

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