Jailson Brito

Full-Stack Software Developer

Hi, I'm a Jailson - a software developer with over 11 years of experience on web, mobile and desktop development with a focus on user experience.
I also like to play games and music!


Software Developer

1 year 4 months     Vancouver, Canada

I worked on the development of 5 web/mobile gamified apps through agile, continuous integration, code review and unit testing. I was also accountable for statistical analysis and data mining for user behavioural research. Read more.

Systems Analyst | Lead Developer

1 year 7 months      Salvador, Brazil

As the lead developer, I managed a team of 10 people, designed and developed 6 casual games published in app stores. Furthermore, I designed and prototyped 2 serious games for business education.

Project Manager | Systems Analyst

6 years     Salvador, Brazil

I founded a startup with friends, Apimenti, where I managed teams of 5 people using agile methods, designed, developed and maintained more than 50 web and mobile development projects.

Systems Analyst | UI/UX Designer

1 year 5 months     Salvador, Brazil

I designed the user interface / user experience and developed a web application for project management based on the PMBOK.

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